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What kind of school is Springboard Academics?

Springboard is a private school in the state of Texas. We are not a traditional school. Your schedule here is set up just like college. It's set up so most courses either run on Tuesday and Thursday, Monday and Wednesday, and/or Friday. Typically, classes for younger children are M-Tr. Also, just as in college, high school students complete much of their work at home. Having become used to the discipline of organizing a study schedule, our students find college life a breeze.

The scheduling of two different classes for the same classroom, since they use it on alternate days, also results in lowered facility and faculty costs.

Students can sign up for individual courses, rather than entire grade levels - just as in college. So it's possible to take a 10th grade English course and a 12th grade Math course in the same year, providing some of the academic freedom home-schoolers have always enjoyed.

Springboard Academics is a K-14 school. What is a K-14 school?

Springboard may offer an elementary child an enrichment class or two, while Mom and Dad teach the basics at home. As the child gets older, they might start taking some of the more time-consuming core subjects - e.g., literature and science - at school. To make the most of the classroom teaching time, parents do the drill work, leaving the teacher free to engage young minds. By high school, usually the student is taking most courses at the school, while parents continue to supervise.

K-14 means that we provide instruction for students from kindergarten through high school, as well as instruction recognized equivalent to the first two years of college academics.

Our teachers are recognized by the College Board by subject to provide students with the academic rigor and college-level experience that is the promise of AP. The authorization is an official recognition by the College Board that those courses meet or exceed the expectations colleges and universities have for the subject.

Our curriculum and syllabi are reviewed by experienced college and university faculty, who have confirmed that it outlines how we provide a college-level learning experience for our students. This authorization grants us permission to use the "AP" designation on our students? transcripts in association with the authorized course.

Students participating in coursework that is designated as college-level have the option of taking the College Board AP exam or CLEP test for that subject. Springboard will help you determine which tests and subjects are transferable to the college of your choice.

At all stages, the family chooses exactly which courses they want to take at the school and which to teach at home. Thanks to the amount of teaching the parents do, costs are kept much lower than at a typical private school.


Parents are involved every step of the way at Springboard.

We're talking a lot more than checking to see that homework is done and baking a cake for the bake sale. Every course requires a specific degree of parental participation, which is carefully spelled out by the instructor. For elementary and middle school, on days that the children don't have school classes, the parents are expected to be teaching at home.

Springboard offers parents the freedom of home schooling in Texas while providing the support and academic rigor for college bound and life bound students.

Springboard's unique set-up allows us to act as an umbrella school.

An umbrella school is a school which offers to oversee your child's education to meet your state's schooling expectations. Many states require a parent "to be qualified to teach in their public school system or to be enrolled in an umbrella school". While the state of Texas does not require this at this time, Springboard offers an additional reassurance to parents that they are providing the very best education for their child. As an umbrella home-school of Springboard, it is the parents responsibility to select classes and curricula that meet your child's needs.

Springboard is a resource that will assist you on every step of your adventure. We provide access to our lending library which includes curriculum and unit study kits. We DO NOT "make up" a grade if the authorities come calling. We DO offer assistance with your child's transcript and college admission requirements. And we DO offer letters on ?school letterhead? to verify enrollment in school and can print report cards as needed for verification. We also offer ?Teacher verification? for the parents who are actively teaching their home-schoolers. (We do require that a student be enrolled for at least 12 weeks before we may vouch for the student's academic achievements.)

Academic Testing and Strategies Inventory tests are available but not required.

We offer academic testing and assessments to determine learning styles and placement. These tests are not required and are only offered at the parent's request. The results are confidential and will not be shared or reported to anyone outside of the parent and student.

How do I get started at Springboard?

Text Springboard at 806-319-0862 (this phone is used for Zoom classes during business hours)

Set up an appointment to visit with Monica Chaney,

Director of Academic Programs, or one of our teachers.

or come by the school at 1901 50th Street, STE. C2



Congratulations on your choice

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